I’m Alex - having an IT development background I’ve been working as IT consultant for the last 20+ years. That means I spend a lot of time with IT - talking, teaching, executing stuff, mainly in enterprise areas. I do have a private life with friends & family - but I still like to play with cool stuff. I’m a much better learner from handson than from pure reading. This blog aims to document some stuff for myself - hopefully in a form that is interessting for the one or other of you.

Stuff I work with on a regular basis:

  • Clustered filesystems, NAS + Object protocols
  • Linux, Scripting, networking
  • Talking on conferences, teaching classes (big fan of hands-on, as it fits my learning style)
  • Consulting customers on system architecture down to implementation options
  • Server virtualization with KVM, Docker

Stuff I also do:

  • Python, Perl, php
  • Relational databases, Java (looong time ago)
  • MQTT, JSON, WebStuff
  • IOT Sensors (ESP)

.. whatever runs in front of me and looks exciting..

Cheers, Alex