I’m not a hardware guy, not at all. But I’m amazed by the wide range of <10E devices and their capabilities if you combine them with ESP8266 or similar technology. Memory, CPU, Wifi for less than 5 bugs? Wow!

IOT games require sensors - so far I’m at:

  • Outside temperature control (ESP8266 #1 + DS1820 sensor (actually a waterproof MK00241))
  • Garden watering - flow sensor (ESP8266 #1 + solid copper hall sensor)
  • heating oil - volume messuring (ESP #2 + JSN-SR05T)
  • SONOFF Pow
  • ‘Fuse control’. Sends a call home to cloud every 30 sec - if that’s missed for >15min there is an internet outage or the freezers fuze is gone.. (ESP #3)

My calculation was ~3E /year per ESP - hope I’m not to far off there..